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How much is the Sun Resist Tarpaulin price

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There are two main types of Sun Resist Tarpaulin. One is generalized ordinary sun-proof tarpaulins, such as small sheds built by roadside stalls, temporary construction sites, tarpaulins that cover things, etc., which can provide sun protection and sun protection. Sun protection tarp. The price of these sunscreen tarpaulins is relatively complicated, and the price is different according to the quality of their tarpaulins. Like the cheapest disposable tarpaulin, you can buy it at 1 yuan/㎡.

In the narrow sense, the Sun Resist Tarpaulin  is a tarp like a parasol, which is light and flexible, which has good effect. The price varies according to the material.

There are two types of Sun Resist Tarpaulin in the narrow sense. One is the old-fashioned sun-proof tarpaulin, which generally refers to the tarp made of canvas and sunshade net. Because sunscreen tarpaulins are mostly used in summer, and summer is rainy, sunshade tarpaulins must also have a waterproof effect, which gives birth to new sunscreen tarps that can both shade and prevent rain.

The new type of Sun Resist Tarpaulin, also known as PE tarpaulin, is commonly known as plastic tarpaulin. It also has a rain-proof effect, and is small in size, light in weight, and easy to store and operate. It is now the most used sun tarpaulin.

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