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How long is the service life of waterproof canvas?

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Any product has its useful life, food has a shelf life, and a product has a useful life. Once this value is exceeded, it can no longer be used. How long is the life of the waterproof canvas? Next, I will introduce Yishengde Plastics in detail.

How long is the service life of waterproof canvas?

1. If a waterproof canvas as a whole, this kind of socket will not crack after many years of application. It is much better than traditional sewing production and processing. It is the current production and processing method of white canvas shed cloth. In addition, The characteristics of PVC make everyone's cloth 100% resistant to water.

2. Please also pay attention to the tap water being filled for more than half a year after the tarpaulin has arrived. In the case of irrigation, pay attention to turning the running water into a string and fill it up continuously. For this reason, the dilution liquid is in the white canvas reservoir Concrete alkali seeping from the wall.

3. All items have application deadlines. Even if the waterproof canvas is of the best quality, there will be undulating damage after long-term friction and application.

4. Many customers who buy waterproof canvas should put the white canvas into the cool ventilation holes after using up the white canvas. The reason is very simple. The white canvas can become a bit old when it is exposed to the rain and wind for a long time. 

5. Waterproof canvas is used for moisture-proof and not for sun protection. Most people immediately put the white canvas under the sun and leave it alone. The sun's exposure will greatly shorten the life of the white canvas, so everyone is storing it. In the case of white canvas, try to put the white canvas in a cool place, which can be placed in the corner of a cooler room, but also to prevent it from being bitten by mice.

The above is the "waterproof canvas service life" that Linyi Shengde tarpaulin brings to you. I hope it can help you. As long as it is used in accordance with the normal maintenance method, it will be no problem to use it for a few years, otherwise it will greatly reduce the service life.




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