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How To Prolong The Service Life Of The Tarpaulin

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In order to prolong the service life of tarpaulin and canvas, it is necessary to reprocess them regularly to restore the waterproof and anticorrosive properties of the fabrics.

According to the method of restoring the waterproofing and anticorrosion properties of canvas and tarpaulin by the central phloem Science Research Institute of the Soviet Union, special preparation is used to process it.

It contains paraffin emulsion, leather glue, copper acetate and aluminum acetate.

The paraffin emulsion is prepared from 38 kg of paraffin, 19 kg of stearic acid, and a small amount of water, heated until the wax and stearic acid are completely melted. Then when 80-90 degrees, one side is constantly stirring, one side adding 9.5 kilograms of water dilute triethanolamine and 3 liters and 25% ammonia water in advance, and the prepared emulsion is gradually diluted to 250-300 liters with hot water in the condition of agitation.

The emulsion is prepared in barrels and iron drums with agitators. Heating can be used direct steam and indirect steam, stirrer speed is 100-120 revolutions per minute, the preparation of emulsion water, should use soda softened water.

The leather glue is prepared by soaking it in 38 litres of hot water with 38 kg of leather glue; expanding it for 15-20 hours and then boiling it with direct or indirect steam.




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