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Guie to Using Poly Tarps

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A poly tarp is ideal for many applications.  We have small and large poly tarps, and various types of ripstop tarps are used to cover materials and supplies placed outdoors. These are not your average department store type cheap poly tarps. Out super heavy duty poly tarps are made from a solid sheet of polyethylene material and should be 100% waterproof.


The color of a tarp does not usually signify any particular grade of thickness, but blue and brown poly tarps are classified as economy poly tarps within the industry. Light duty poly tarps are more often used as temporary covers, they are often used in ongoing construction projects and landscaping. Roofers will also use the light duty poly tarps for temporary coverage until the roofing job is complete. The white poly tarps are often used during the winter for skating rinks because they give a clean, white appearance once the water freezes. White poly tarps are also used a lot in the warmer months to reflect the light and absorbs less heat. 




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