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Dump truck automatic tarpaulin cover

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This kind of dump truck tarpaulin cover, or the automatic tarpaulin for the swing-rod type muck truck, can be said to enable them to do it by themselves for a considerable number of users: automatic operation, plenty of food and clothing! As long as there are motors and control switches, other accessories can be made by yourself. Among all the muck truck stamping products, this simple automatic tarp should be the easiest to install and the cheapest. But it also has a shortcoming, the sealing is not good; but this is not a problem for some areas, so it is not a problem, this kind of simple automatic tarpaulin still has a broad market.

living comfortably without anybody's help! Almost many kinds of motors can be used on this simple automatic tarp

1, NMRV reducer motor

2, WPDS worm gear reducer motor

3, planetary reducer motor

4, built-in reel motor

5, direct-connected motor




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