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Do you know a few of the 5 major functions of waterproof tarpaulin

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Nowadays, tarpaulins and waterproof tarpaulins are more and more applied to life, and the demand for tarpaulins is also greater. So, do you know the role of tarps?

 Waterproof cloth and waterproof tarpaulin mainly have 5 major functions:

        1. Freight tarpaulins for cars, trains and ships can be used;

  2, it can be used to cover the stacks of the open-air warehouse of the station wharf, seaport and airport;

  3. It can be used to build temporary granaries and cover various crops in the open air;

  4. The tarpaulin can be used as a material for building temporary sheds and temporary warehouses on various construction sites such as construction sites and power construction sites;

  5. The tarpaulin can be processed into camping tents and outer sheaths of various machinery and equipment.




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