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Car tarpaulin allows you to transport goods both waterproof and civilized

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Car tarpaulins allow you to transport goods that are both waterproof and civilized! ! ! ! ! ! On the street, cars full of goods can be seen galloping on the road. The most conspicuous thing is that most cars are wrapped in green tarpaulins at the back. Yes, that is, car tarpaulins used to protect the goods from the wind and rain. Although the tarpaulin is not the most important accessory in the car, as an important accessory, if it can be used correctly, it can save money, and it is directly related to the quality of the transported goods. According to the investigation, it is found that basically all freight drivers will use car tarpaulins to cover the goods. Now that winter has arrived, whether it is in the south or north, it is greatly affected by the weather. If the goods on the car are not covered, the consequences may be very Serious, not only can not guarantee the quality of some goods, but more seriously is the economic loss.

Product Usage 

   1. Can be used for rolling shutters of various breeding farms, pig farms, cattle farms, chicken farms, etc.

   2. It can be used as a covering for the storage in the open-air warehouse of the terminal airport and seaport airport.

   3. Can build temporary granary and cover various crops in the open air

   4. It can be used as materials for constructing temporary work sheds and temporary warehouses on various construction sites such as construction sites and electric power construction sites.

   5. Cargo tarpaulins available for cars, trains, ships and cargo ships




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