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Bundling method when using tarpaulin

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We must understand clearly how to use tarpaulin, otherwise, even if you choose a product of excellent quality, it will not be able to use it normally.

The pressure ropes at each end of the tarpaulin should be pressed against the corners of the tarpaulin and tightened so that the tarpaulin is tightly attached to the end wall of the vehicle and tied to the first rope on the side of the vehicle. The tarpaulin rope is tied by the bow tie method or the back-to-head knot method. The tied rope should be wrapped around its own rope pole, and at least two dead knots should be tied. Except for the tarp's own rope and tarp rope net, other ropes shall not be used to bind the tarp, and the tarp rope shall be tied to the truck rope, not tied to other parts.

The tarpaulin corner ropes at both ends of the truck, after crossing the end wall of the truck, are tied to the two rope ties at the end of the vehicle, and the two end ropes in the middle are pulled down vertically and tied to the two ropes at the end of the vehicle. When the hook is fastened, it should be passed through the inside of the hook rod. Tarpaulin can be used for storage. It has anti-ultraviolet properties and can protect valuable commodities and protect food, cotton, fertilizers, chemicals, etc. from damp heat.

Linyi Shengde Plastic Co.,Ltd's high-quality tarpaulin products will have the functions of anti-acid and alkali, anti-corrosion, can prevent weathering, and anti-oxidation. So what should be paid attention to when bundling?

It should be tied to the place where the truck is tied to the rope, not tied to other parts. The tarpaulin rope should be turned into a word and then tied to the other end of the rope end. Pull the rope tail with one hand. When the rope is long, double ropes can be used, that is, the rope can be folded into Two, and then tie them to turn head flowers. When the remaining rope is long, it must be stuck, and the rope should not be allowed to be arbitrary. And the tarpaulin after binding should be covered and flat as a whole, the goods should not be exposed, the corners at both ends are solid and dense, the lines are smooth, the parts are not overrun, and there is no looseness and fall off. Of course, it is necessary to ensure that the truck hand brake disc is exposed.

If you need to build a tarpaulin, it is best to fix the tarpaulin on the ground with camp nails, and at the same time, ensure that the tarpaulin is well ventilated and rainproof. The production process is to stretch cloth, cut cloth, buckle, grip, trim the rope, buckle, fold the cloth, finally packaging, labeling, sealing, packing, and the number of people needed to stretch the cloth depends on the size of the tarp.




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