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3 factors affecting the price of polyethylene tarpaulin

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Polyethylene tarpaulin is a kind of tarpaulin that is used more frequently, and the price of this tarpaulin in the wholesale market of plastic tarpaulin is also different. Generally speaking, the main reasons for the price difference are as follows3 A:

   1) The price of tarpaulin is also related to its color, length and width and its own special functions. For example, the price of tarpaulin that can be fireproof, waterproof and radiation-proof is naturally higher.

   2) Density and weight are important factors affecting the price of tarpaulin.

   3) The price of tarpaulin is related to its manufacturing process. The better the product, the higher its price. And now the manufacturing process of the tarpaulin has also been improved, adding silica gel, beef tendon and other materials to increase the strength of the tarpaulin, which will also have a certain impact on its price.




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